Monday, 22 July 2013

Product worth the hype: Maybelline color tattoo 24/7 gel cream eyeshadow

Hi lovelies!
I have had some super good news...
I have been selected to receive a scholarship for my MA degree! 
I am so excited and so grateful. I went on a little splurge today so will show the outcome of that very soon. 
This post is a quick review of the Maybelline color tattoo 24/7 gel cream eyeshadows.

For the look above I used 85 light in purple as a base for my shadows.
I own the colours from left to right- 50 eternal silver, 65 gold rose and 85 light in purple.
With flash.
Without flash
With flash.
Without flash.

They retail at approximately £4.99 but there are always offers on at Boots or Superdrug so you can get them cheaper.

The verdict...
I really love these shadows! They are super pigmented with a great colour payoff unlike some cream shadows I've used in the past.
 I do use a primer with these products out of habit but I find that they literally do not budge yet come off easily with a make up remover. They help keep my shadow in place and make my shadows really pop.
They don't have to be worn under eyeshadow. They can be worn alone. I often wear the silver one alone when I'm having a lazy day.
If you don't like shimmer though and prefer a matte look on the lids, these eyeshadows are not for you.
As far as I am aware, they all contain shimmer; or at least the ones I own do.
I personally love this but it's something to consider before buying these products.

I really want to try endless purple, eternal gold, on and on bronze and permanent taupe. 
I hope Maybelline never discontinue this product as it provides a cheap alternative to Mac paint pots!

What do you think of Maybelline color tattoos?
Let me know in the comments and tell me what colours you would recommend!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

July's Glossybox Seaside Splash review

Hi lovelies!
The other day I received my July Edition of Glossybox!

I wanted to give myself enough time to try these products so I could give you an honest review.

I'll start with my favourite products- Ciate nail polish in The Glossip!
This is a gorgeous bright coral shade, not unlike cute as a button by Essie which I received in the April Glossybox. This shade is just much more orange and vibrant! I love coral and it is perfect for summer! 

I've got a couple of other Ciate nail varnishes and I love them.
They go on great, need two coats and are long lasting!
I received a full size product so was worth £9.
Would I recommend this product? Yes! Ciate do lovely nail varnishes in gorgeous shade and this one in particular is fantastic! 

The next product was a 25ml sample of Alterna Bamboo Style Boho Waves tousled texture mist (full size 125ml for £23). I have never heard of this brand before but was excited to see whether it made any difference to my super thick, wavy hair.
I used it on my wet hair first and it made no difference. I tried it on dry hair and this was the result.
I feel that this product would work better on thinner hair as I had to use so much to just get this effect. It's a nice product though and it's the only beach waves type product I've used that has made any difference at all! 
Would I recommend this product? It depends on your hair type. If you have fine hair, I would probably say go out and buy it. If you have super thick hair like me, I'd probably give it a miss. 

I also received a full sized Anatomicals Spray Misty for Me facial spritz (£6). I own a couple of facial sprays but don't really use them. I sometimes use Mac fix+ to get rid of any cakeyness but that is about it so I was not particularly excited by this product.
However, I was pleasantly surprised! I've really enjoyed this product and it is currently living in my handbag. It is a perfect refresher throughout the day, especially with this hot weather. I wasn't overly keen of the smell but I've gotten used to it. It doesn't ruin my make up and just leaves me feeling refreshed.
Would I recommend this product? Yes, if you're looking for a pick me up in this hot weather, I'd say give it a go! It's much cheaper than some of the other facial mists on the market which is bonus!

Another full sized product I received was the Inecto Pure Coconut refreshing dry shampoo (£2.49). I was SO disappointed when I saw this in my box. I was hoping for Sleek Pout Paints or the Nip + Fab stuff instead. But to be fair, after using it, it isn't a bad product. It does refresh your hair really well and gets rid of oil. My only problem with this product was that it left a bit of a white residue on my hair then on my hands when I rubbed it in. I've had this with other products but i've never had a transfer to my hands.
Would I recommend this product? Yeah I guess I would. It does what you would expect for a decent price. No complaints.

The final product is one I really don't like; the Coola Mineral Sunscreen tinted moisturiser. I hated this product before it arrived. I really don't know why that was. I knew I would be receiving this or the original sunscreen and I really had my heart set on the original. My main problem with this product is that it only has spf 20. I can't be the only one who finds this quite low for a sunscreen and I definitely prefer a product with a higher spf, my bb cream even has spf 30 so I would never choose to use this. 

The colour is also really off for me. Even though it is described as ultra sheer, it still leaves my skin with a weird tint and slightly orange. I do admit that I am quite pale but I thought Glossybox might send me the original because of this. I am gifting this sample to my mum who i'm sure will enjoy it.
The sample contains 7ml and 50ml full size costs £29.99.
Would I recommend this? Depends on your skin tone or what you want from a sunscreen but not for me! I would also want a higher SPF for the price.

If I hadn't looked at all the other Glossyboxes before I received mine, I would've probably raved about this box. However, I feel like out of all the boxes, I got the worst. This doesn't put me off Glossybox at all though and I look forward to receiving my box every month. I was a little disappointed by last months box, but I feel that Glossybox have redeemed themselves with this box, even if I didn't receive exactly what I wanted! 
I've definitely learned not to look at other boxes before mine arrives and I will resist next month!!
Here's Elsie helping me open my glossybox! 


Thursday, 11 July 2013

My nail journey!

I thought I would start my blog with one of my favourite things- nail art!

I've been having gel nails done professionally for over a year now; it is definitely addictive.
I absolutely love having them done and love being able to have long nails.
My nail technician is Laura Wade @ Nail Candy in Lincoln.
I ask for some crazy things but she never fails to impress with her skills.
Here are some pictures in chronological order of my nails starting from my very first appointment so you can really see how my nails have improved.

Sorry about the picture overload but now you are up to date I can just show you them as I have them done.
As you can probably tell I like all things glittery/polka dotty/fruity/leopard print/kitsch!
I can't imagine not having nice nails anymore!
I would definitely recommend Biosculpture gel.
I would also definitely recommend Laura Wade but as she is completely booked up FOREVER (kind of) and not taking on new clients, I can't! 
But you can keep up to date with any appointments that do come free and all the other beautiful nails she does via her Facebook or instagram @nailcandylincoln


First post

Apologies for the unoriginal title, but we have to start somewhere, right?!

Hi, I'm LilyBettie (or you can call me Lucy).
I've just finished my undergraduate degree and need something to fill my time before starting my MA in Social Research in September.

It probably will not come as a shock- but I LOVE beauty products/beauty treatments/skin care.
I've been on many successful (and unsuccessful) journeys in my quest to find the perfect foundation/concealer/cleanser/moisturiser etc so I think it would only be fair to share my knowledge and hopefully help some people only just starting on the journey.

I'm so interested in the beauty industry that this is what my dissertation in my MA will be based upon and I may need some help and input from you!

I also have a pug puppy who I adore and definitely cannot leave out from this blog.

Isn't she beautiful?!

There will be plenty of pictures on this blog of her growing up along with my tattoos, vintage style, shabby chic home things, nail art and plenty of weirdness.
I will post on a weekly, possibly twice weekly basis!

Hope you enjoy!