Sunday, 21 September 2014

Mac Manish Arora Lipstick in Girl About Town or Kiss Manish- In SearchOf- Please Help Me Find One

It's no secret that I am a collector/hoarder of MAC lipsticks. I've nearly completed my collection of older limited edition shades such as Heatherette, Wonder Woman and Venomous Villains, but Manish Arora lipsticks are seemingly more elusive!

I am desperately in search of this lipstick in any condition from someone who is happy to be paid goods and services on paypal and who is also able to ship to the United Kingdom! 

I have no preference of shade. If you are reading this a few months (or even a year) since this post has been made, it's almost guaranteed I'll still be looking for one, so please leave me a comment, or I would prefer it if you email me at as I might not be active on here :) 

I'm also looking for Dress Camp Too Fab, but I'm not as desperately searching this one (yet!)


I haven't posted in a while due to personal reasons and being generally mega busy! But I'll be back :)

Update: I have Kiss Manish now <3

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Mac Lipstick Collection- Fifty Shades of Mac; Satin Finish.

Yep. Another instalment of my MAC lipstick collection. I'm going to show you my lipsticks with a Satin finish. Satin finishes remind me a lot of Amplified finishes. They are really creamy and give opaque colour pay off. The only difference I can see is the finish. Satin provide a more matte (semi-matte) finish. I don't gravitate towards these shades in the permanent range, but I don't know why because I love the ones I have. 

Betty Bright (Limited Edition)

Daddy's Little Girl (Limited Edition)

Kelly Yum Yum (Limited Edition)

Hoop (Limited Edition)

Sushi Kiss (Permanent in USA, unavailable in UK)

Toxic Tale (Limited Edition)

Rebel (Permanent)

My absolute favourite shade of this bunch is Hoop! I love it so much for every occasion. I'm going to be devastated when it runs out. Rebel is my least favourite, just because I find it a little hard to wear and it does go on a little patchy. It's a gorgeous colour though, and it doesn't stop me wearing it!

Do you have any recommendations for any Satin shades I should try from the permanent range?


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Mac and YSL haul- Debenhams lipstick sale

Last Tuesday was national lipstick day! I had no idea until I got an email from Debenhams that morning to say that as a celebration, they were giving 10% off all lipstick. I didn't know whether to be excited or gutted. Due to recent spending in an attempt to expand my limited edition MAC lipstick collection, I haven't got much cash spare. But I decided that the deal was too good to miss. So i'd just order one. That turned into two. Then three. Then four. And I stopped at 5 as most of the shades were sold out. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) two of my orders were cancelled. 
Debenhams were really generous and still sent me the free mystery gifts as promised for each of my orders, even those they cancelled. I wasn't really expecting more than one freebie, but I got all of this!

Alongside my three lipsticks, I received two hand creams, a body oil, perfume samples, Lancome samples and an Estee Lauder foundation brush. I haven't tried any of these products yet, but i'm very grateful as many are full sized and I will definitely get my use out of them. 
Anyway, onto the lipsticks...

I picked up one YSL Rouge Volupte in the shade 13- Peach Passion. This is usually £25, but was £20 in the sale. I love YSL packaging, texture and colour but only pick them up on special occasions due to the price. This colour is perfect for summer.

The next one I picked up is from MAC. They usually retail for £15.50, making them £10.50 in the sale. Patisserie seemed like the perfect nude for me as I dislike the 'concealer lips look' and wanted something for everyday. This lipstick is everything I expected and will be great for every day wear, but it doesn't make me think wow.  It's a lustre finish, which means it will be easy to apply. I will use this a lot and I'm really glad I picked it up. 

The other MAC lipstick I received was Pink Pigeon. This was a limited edition shade which MAC decided to make permanent. This is a gorgeous shade in a matte, but it isn't unique. It is quite like a lot of other lipsticks I own. It is a shade I gravitate towards, so I know I will wear it a lot. 

I'm really happy with the shades I got, especially at such a great discount. The two shades I ordered that were out of stock were Lady Danger and Please Me. I'm still lusting after these shades so I will probably pick them up in the near future. 

Did you pick up anything during the Debenhams one day sale?


Thursday, 31 July 2014

MAC Lipstick Collection- Fifty Shades of MAC; Matte and Retro Matte Finish.

Everyone seems to be loving a matte lip at the moment. Luckily, MAC do some fabulous matte lipsticks! These provide, as the name suggests, a matte finish. They are quite drying so you have to make sure you have moisturised your lips well before applying. The staying power of these lipsticks is great which makes them a great option for a night out. The only issue I have with this finish is the variety of colours- there isn't much of one. However, MAC is bringing out a matte collection this Autumn which offers a wider range of shades. 
MAC offers two types of matte; Matte and Retro Matte. Retro Matte is the most drying of the two. 
For reference, I have NW10 skin and pigmented lips. 

Retro Matte
Flat out fabulous (Permanent)

Riri woo (Limited Edition)

Talk that talk (Limited Edition)

Dodgy girl (Limited Edition)

Enchanted one (Limited Edition)

Heroine (Permanent)

Riot House (Limited Edition)
*I've added a picture with lipliner as this shade only looks nice with liner!

Punk couture (Limited Edition)

Pleasure bomb (Limited Edition)

Russian red (Permanent)

To be honest, I don't reach for any of these shades that often. Being someone who often has dry lips, I can find these hard to wear. When I do wear them, I love them! My favourites are Pleasure bomb and Heroine. There isn't a shade in this finish (that I own) that I don't love and can't see an occasion when I would wear it. 
If you like a matte lip, definitely check out the selection MAC has to offer!


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Latest in Beauty Box; The Glamour Beauty Edit Review

When I saw this box in an email from Latest in Beauty, I resisted. I didn't need any of the products, did I? £16.95 including delivery is REALLY cheap for over £86 worth of products but I didn't need it. 
As you can probably tell by the title of this post, I didn't need it, but I did buy it. And I'm glad I did!

Unlike a lot of beauty boxes, you know exactly what you're going to receive before you buy. The only surprise you get is the shades of the products inside the box. 
If you want to see what I got, carry on reading!

The most exciting (and most expensive) thing in this box is the Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick, which you receive in one of their new nude range. It is full size and retails for £18.50.

I received the shade Naked. It's a more orange/yellow toned nude. This does not suit me at all. It looks terrible with my skin tone. I would have preferred Minx, Rose Pout or Cherub. However, it gave me the opportunity to test out the formula of these lipsticks, and I can say they are amazing! They glide on so easily, are so creamy and provide an opaque. They are vast improvement on the regular line of Illamasqua lipsticks (which I do enjoy), but I still dislike the bullet shape. Although I won't be using this shade, it has convinced me to purchase another in a different shade!

The next product is a Crabtree and Evelyn nail varnish. Again, this is full size and retails at £6 but they are currently two for £6 on their website. I can't comment on the staying power of this product as I only wear nail varnish on my toes, but it is a lovely shade!

As the beautician who does my semi-permanent eyelash extension is on maternity leave, I needed a product to get me through the next six months. Magnifibres seem like a really interesting concept to me. The price of these range from between £15-20 depending on where you purchase it, and at full size, this box an absolute bargain already! I will have a whole blog post dedicated to this product once i've tested it properly. 

I'm a lover of Bourjois products and I haven't owned one of their blushers for about 7 years! So this was a great addition to my collection. I received shade 03 Rose Tender which give a natural rose pink flush. It is full size. This one is going to stay in my handbag to freshen up my cheeks during the day when my blush has faded! It retails for £7.99, but you can usually pick it up on offer in Boots or Superdrug.

Toni and Guy offer some great hair products at affordable prices. Although recently i've gravitated towards different brands, I was excited to try this volume plumping whip. It's another full size product, which is usually £7.19 but is currently out of stock at Boots.
I didn't notice much difference in terms of volume in my hair, but my hair is very thick and has volume naturally. It did tame flyaways and smells lovely. This product will be gifted to my mum who loves products that give volume, so we will see how she gets on!

Mixing up my skin care is something I try to avoid as I am prone to break outs, but I do love trying new things. This DHC deep cleansing oil is in a mini size that retails for £4.50. I've never tried a cleansing oil before, I usually opt for regular cleanser or a balm but I liked how quickly this removed make-up and it didn't make my skin feel oily. I'll have to see how I get on with this product before I convert to cleansing oil for good.

There's not much to say about this product. It's a regular sun lotion from Hawaiian Tropic that provides factor 30. I usually opt for spf 50, but this is going to be great for my handbag to reapply during the day. It costs around £5.49.

As you can probably guess from my previous posts (if you've read them), i'm very pale. I don't tan naturally and I have little interest in tanning. I've seen a few other people receive this in the shade medium, so was surprised to get the shade light. I've tested this on the back of my hand and could see myself using this to even out the skin tone on my legs and give them a healthy glow. I'm more likely to use this than any other tanning product as it is very moisturising, comes off easily with soap and water, and isn't too dark. This is full size and costs £6.99. 

The last product I will only use if I use the above product. It is a tanning mitt from Velvotan. This is £1.99 from feel unique. 

At £16.95, this box is such a bargain. I'd definitely recommend it, even if you're only interested in a couple of products as you might find some hidden gems. I'm so surprised this hasn't already sold out. 
If you want to buy on for yourself, click HERE!
Have you bought this box yet? What did shades did you get?